Rappelz Event Calendar, the community platform for creating your events!


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We have been working on it internally for some time. At first, it was an idea with a non-functional model for the demo. Over time, it has become a fully functional project.

We are talking about the Rappelz Event Calendar, the new History of Rappelz project!

This one is not finished, but we present it to you for a reason: We open the sources so that everyone can help the project if they wish!

The visual is likely to change as development progresses

But first of all, here is a presentation of this project:

Rappelz Event Calendar? What does it consist of?

Rappelz Event Calendar is a community platform that allows everyone to create and organize their event on Rappelz in a few clicks. As its name suggests, it is in the form of a calendar on which you can add one (or more) events, on the date of your choice, and for the duration of your choice.

How to add an event?

For the moment, on the demo (a link will be given at the end of the article!), a simple click on the date of your choice gives you access to a form that you just have to fill in to publish and create your event on the calendar. By clicking on this event again afterwards, you can change the details of the event.

For the moment, what can I do?

For the moment, the demo is at an Alpha stage, the development having started a short time ago. The following features are available:

  • Adding events
    • Adding a title
    • Adding a description
    • Adding an organizer
    • Adding people available to help you
    • Adding donators
    • Adding places
      • Abhuva
      • Lamia
      • Both of them
      • Other (Discord, Forum etc…)
    • Selection of start and end date
  • Editing events
    • Modification of the title
    • Modification of the description
    • Change of organizer
    • Adding available people
    • Donator changes
    • Modification of the location
  • To change the date/time of the event, simply drag it to the box corresponding to the desired date or time directly on the calendar
  • Registration on the list of donators (Event creators can then add you in the “available people” field)

What we’ll like to do

We would like to implement some features including (non-exhaustive list):

  • Multi-lingual support
  • Adding images
  • Adding a chat

How can I help?

There are many ways to help us!

If you have the developer’s fiber, feel free to add your features directly or even fork directly the GitHub repo available at the end of the article. The project’s license being under GPLv3, the goal is to keep the sources open to everyone. The same goes for forks!

If you have ideas in your head, don’t hesitate to propose them on

  • Discord
  • GitHub
  • Or even in MP GI etc….

If you have a creative mind, you are also free to change the design etc…

How to access it?

The demo is available here: http://democalendar.historyofrappelz.com/

The project GitHub is available here: https://github.com/Sagaroth/Event-Calendar-Rappelz

You can also follow the development by our team on our Discord: https://discord.gg/uReVCbB


Warning, many bugs may still be present, don’t worry!

If unfortunately, one of them were to crash the demo app, a purge of our demo database would be performed during the day.

To your keyboards!

Find us on Facebook, Twitter and Discord.

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