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Released in France on October 21, 2008

Let’s rediscover the release of Rappelz 5.2, the first Epic released in two parts.

This one had a major impact on a lot of points of the game:

  • The increase in the maximum level to 170 and the arrival of third parties.
  • The appearance of two new dungeons, The Lair of the Black Claw, and the Lair of the Dune Breeze, places recommended for Ultra High Level.
  • The arrival of a new mount that can be bought in the hidden village.
  • The PvP damage has been reviewed.
  • Automatic teleportation to level 8 in the corresponding city if no quest has been made on the apprentice island.
  • The bear den has appeared and with it the Carbuncle.

Here is an overview of the weapons add to this Epic

Here are some official videos released for the occasion.

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