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European release on March 19th 2019

Epic 9.6 was announced on February 22, 2019 by Gala Lab. This was a total surprise especially because the nomenclature 9.x is still used. Many people expected to see the Epic 10.x arrive!

At HOR, we wrote a preview article of Epic 9.6 before its official announcement. So this one included the title “Epic X?” because we thought that the saga of Epic 9 was over.

This new Epic brought several novelties among which we discover a brand new game zone: The attack of the Citadel!

The attack of the Citadel, the Epic in competitive mode!

The attack of the Citadel is an exclusive novelty to this Epic. This one is not a dungeon, it is a competitive mode of speedrun PvE which only the guilds can participate!
They can register by participating in auctions to participate in one of the 6 sessions taking place on Saturday only.

The citadel is located west of Rondo, on the site of the Rondo Arena

Only the guildmaster can register his guild at headquarters.
The minimum guild point to register is 1000.


The attack on the citadel is divided into two parts: The Academy and the Citadel. Each part is made in order to then access the last level and record his guild in the rankings!

Depending on the rank of the guild, or with the Siege Symbols obtained on the monsters, various rewards are available:

  • For the members of the first finished guild: The Gold Medal. It grants +50 to all basic stats (except Chance).
  • For the members of the finished second guild: The Silver Medal. It grants +40 to all basic statistics (except Chance).
  • For the members of the third finished guild: The Silver Medal. It grants +30 to all basic stats (except Chance).
  • Rondo Commander’s Cloak: It grants + 10% HP / MP and +20 Movement Speed.
  • Guild Name Change Ticket: Allows you to change your guild name.
  • Guild Officer Ticket: This item can only be used by the guild master to name a guild officer. An officer will enjoy the same privileges as the guildmaster.

New classic Epic tier creature

This Epic also brings a whole new creature requiring his own taming card: The Death Gladiator!
This creature clashes at the siege of the citadel and is of Epic tier!

The creature’s skills are available on the official website (See 3rd Source Link).

Additional news

Other news came in parallel during this Epic.

  • The balancing will benefit from a major redesign, as well as the speed of attack.
  • Guild benefits now apply to creatures.
  • The EXP penalty due to the difference of 16 levels within the same group has been removed for players level 175 or higher.
  • The NPC benefits from the Hidden Village can now provide benefits depending on the level of the players.
  • New titles have been added to the game.
  • The 7-day limit of the Vulcanos Boss Card has been removed. Its Collection Card has been added and grants +1 in taming.
  • The respawn rate of Ancient Ruins monsters was increased.
  • The health of the Dungeon Hearts and their damage reduction have been improved.
  • Owning a dungeon through a siege will now grant a benefit depending on the dungeon.
  • The transportable Rupys limit has increased to 1,000,000,000,000.
  • Rupys colors have been changed to help players identify each level.
  • The unusable objects icon has been modified to be more visible.


For more details on this Epic, find all information on the official website:

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