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Released in France on March 09, 2010

Rappelz Epic 6.3 : Resurrection takes the main part of the game scenario out of the game. But also, as in almost all Epics, a new area, as well as new equipment.

  • In this Epic, the witch’s quest sequel appears.
  • The ethereal equipment has come into play.
  • The battlefield has appeared.
  • The Dune Breeze, Black Claw and White Dragon sets now have set and Benefit bonuses when all equipment is equipped.
  • Three new pets: Black and white unicorns, and Mystical Genius.
  • The monsters of the lost island are now harder to defeat than before.
  • Toktokkie, Furion and Tamahakhan are now easier to defeat.
  • From level 40, “special” monsters will have skills (dizziness, fear, poisoning etc.). However, the probability of their success is relatively low.

Here are two videos presenting this Epic

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