Project 7 is getting clearer!


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That was one of the upcoming announcements, we heard about it but nothing more, but here it is, here is finally some new information about new pets: Project Seven!

These are in the name of 7 (as its name indicates), will all be a priori tamable and potentially dropable like any other card and have a name :

  • The Forest Pixie
  • The Crystal Spider
  • The Ethereal Pixie
  • The Wind Pixie
  • The bloodthirsty slaughterer
  • The Crystal Golem
  • The GrandMaster Hektor


The gif below was leaked to us in December 2019, but we preferred to wait for an officialisation before publishing it (even if it can be seen on Facebook, the forums and other sites)

The new pixies of project 7

Webzen has concocted a lore for each of these new pets thanks to Tharja :

From now on, all we have to do is watch for news about these pets, their rarity, their stats etc…!

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