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Released in France on February 25, 2014


Until September 2013, we didn’t think it would be possible to tame a boss… But that was before.

September 2013, the preludes of Epic 8.3 on the KTS. And from this Epic, bosses are (finally) tamable.

  • Epic 8.3 brings a new rarity of soulcards: the unique.
  • Dungeon basements have difficulties ranging from 1 to 4, crescendo scale.
  • So we can now tame the bosses, as well as the intermediate bosses, and other new monsters.
  • Like every Epic, the rebalancing of classes.
  • The redesign of the inventory window.
  • A new system of daily quests has arrived, with a new currency, the “Gaïa Coin”. It allows you to buy various items that can be obtained in the shop.
  • You can get unique pets from the Colosseum to the Goddess, as well as two new costumes available exclusive to Epic 8.3.

Some videos of the 8.3 :

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