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Released in France on September 27, 2016


Epic 9.4 is a bit of a surprise Epic that comes at a time when the PC MMORPG industry is undergoing a major transformation. This Epic 9, it was not planned on the Gala roadmaps. Indeed, it was controversial because some considered that it should be called Epic 10.1.

This Epic brings several points:

  • 12 New weapons 170+ (available on the island of the fallen gods)
  • New 170+ rings (available on the island of the fallen gods)
  • The Island of the Fallen Gods, a new area accessible from level 150 (but clearly aimed at the 170+)
  • seven new bosses
  • Some daily quests

The Isle of the Fallen Gods, the new zone

For more information, find the Webzen Official Release Note :

Changes in stuffs:

Here are the new stuffs of the epic 9.4 that can be equipped at level 170 (the stats are those of the stuffs in 1+0)

One of the other major changes is the access to the old ruins from level 160

Epic Script:

Explorers return from a strange island… This island is unknown and would have been forgotten by the gods of Gaia. A mystery surrounds this island… None of the monsters on it are part of Gaia’s bestiary.

In reality, this island is part of the world of Madrigal, the world of FlyFF. What connects the two universes in the story of Rappelz.

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