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History of Rappelz is a long story! Tens of people have done hundreds of hours of work in order to develop this site and the radio.

We unfortunately can not mention them all because nicknames were forgotten during the years. But we would like to still thank the main contributors (In no particular order not to make jealous 🙂 ).

  • Chuck Vaughn: A great guy came from the USA on remote help us a headache encountered in the implementation of new infrastructure radio. More than 60 mails exchanged for a result that works like a charm ! You can find his YouTube channel here.
  • Coolbiker: You know the Belt Builder we are so proud to introduce you? Well it’s CoolBiker who made the bulk of his own initiative, he sent us the source code developed by him which we then adapted!
  • Herrxor and all beta testers: For all tests and identified bugs before the release of the V4 of HOR.
  • Hirlorwin and all Rappelz Wiki team: For the provision of useful information.
  • Kizeha: For its participation in the lives and its legendary AFK laugh.
  • Colbeagle: For the original idea of the radio (he was managing at the GpotaDio time then we took over).
  • Broaben: Legendary GM and CM, for his encouragement in early HOR and for his fascinating interview (which you can find here).
  • The 3D design team of Gala Lab: For stories about the circus.
  • Huronhen: For fun anecdotes!
  • Alexander and Kayen: Friends of the KTS, there when we need them.

Above all, in addition to all these people, the most important is to thank … YOU! Thank you for following us for so long, to encourage us and advise us every day since the creation of HOR!

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