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Cold days arrive, multicolored decorations make their appearance in the streets and fir trees grow in the middle of the living rooms.
You will have understood it, December is here, and Christmas is coming!

And as every year, Rappelz not to make the exception on the traditions, it is the arrival of the Event “The Christmas Valley“!

This event will be there from December 09 to January 06.
Its operation is rather simple:

2 factions will face each other in a toy race (Greetings to friend Schwarzenegger) obtainable by shooting mobs in 4 types of dungeons classified according to your level:

  • A White Christmas Valley: The easiest dungeon is only accessible from level 20 to level 149.
  • Three Red Christmas Valleys: Dungeon accessible from level 150.
  • A Black Christmas Valley: More difficult dungeon accessible from level 150 and above.
  • An Obsidian Christmas Valley: Even more difficult and accessible from level 150 and above.

These toys (or rather parts of toys) will have to be given to the NPC corresponding to your faction. Namely :

  • The leader of the Loyalists, Snoozyberry, if you’re a Loyalist (you follow, that’s good 🙂 )
  • The Rebel leader, Mullingpears, if you are…rebel!


At the end of the event, the team that collected the most toys wins the war, and each member of the winning faction receives a Christmas Valley Coat or 30 Days of Hidden Village!

The losing team will have a small chance to get a rare item called the “Precious Doll”, which is worth 5,000 pieces of toys, or the even rarer “Equality Doll”, which equals the number of toys of both teams.

As the number of pieces brought to the NPC increases, the buff applied to the players of the corresponding faction will be higher, with a maximum limit of 20% in 40 levels. This buff, named “Holly’s Buff”, will also be applied to pets!

A small specified one is added to the farm sessions in the valley: Once you enter the dungeon, you will get a special hunting license called “Christmas Valley Hunting License”. This permit expires after one hour. You are automatically sent back to town if you kill a monster without the permit. This measure has been incorporated to limit Bot breeding during the event.

The monsters you shoot down can, in addition to toy parts, drop different items depending on their level:

All Monsters

  • Random Christmas Deco

160 and under

  • Stamina Saver – 7days
  • Hidden Village Pass – 7 days (Character)
  • Lucky Potion – 3 days
  • God Mother Fairy’s Bottle – 7 Days

161 and over

  • Stamina Saver – Account Bound
  • Animal Cracker – Character Bound
  • Lucky Potion – Account Bound
  • God Mother Fairy’s Bottle – Character Bound
  • Creature Resurrection Spellbook – Account Bound
  • Power of Change: Armor
  • Deva’s Blessing – Character Bound
  • Gladiator Potions
  • Random Distorted Space Gear


  • Random Circus weapon or accessory

176 and over

  • Random Island of the Forgotten Gods weapon or accessory

180 and over

  • Kainen Necklace or earring
  • Devildom Shield or Magic Shield

202 and over

  • Empty arena pet cards


Bosses will also drop specific items within the limit of 1 per mini-boss or 3 max if it’s a main boss:

  • Stamina Saver – Account Bound
  • Animal Cracker – Account Bound
  • Lucky Potion – Account Bound
  • God Mother’s Fairy Bottle – Character Bound
  • Creature Resurrection Spellbook – Account Bound
  • Blessed Power of Change: Armor
  • Gladiator Potions
  • Random Enhanced Teardrop
  • Random Enhanced Piece
  • Random Clay Key
  • Random Christmas Deco


At arms, good farm and take care of yourself!


Source : https://forum-rappelz.boraecosystem.com/forum/english/announcements-aa/334-christmas-valley

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