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Released in France on December 08, 2006

And if we went back to 2006 and opened Rappelz, what would we find?

The release of Epic III of Rappelz!

Rappelz epic III: Siege for Glory was released on December 8, 2006. This Epic has brought some new features, but less than Epic II.

Although it did not bring major innovations, this Epic did bring some mechanics, quite crucial.

This Epic brought the energy system. It allows you to earn twice as much XP when the character has energy, but when he no longer has any, the character normally gains XP. Hence the usefulness of the energy saver, which gives a little energy, and prevents it from being wasted, for a period of half an hour, to two hours.

  • This Epic has also brought an increase in attack speed for all players
  • In this Epic, the monster “Frog” first appeared, and the “forgotten portal” appeared in the Katan Region
  • Blacksmiths in the cities are “cheaper” than they were then. Even if improved an equipment remains out of price (since ethereal did not exist at that time)
  • Now, in this Epic, you can no longer delete a character when he is a guild master.

Here are some videos of Epic III :

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