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Released in France on November 21, 2011

Rappelz Epic VII Part III is the most important update of the game (after Epic II) and has therefore totally changed the way we play at a very high level (from that time). She mainly brought the master class.


Rappelz Epic 7.3 was to be the last part of this Epic, before giving way to Epic VIII.

  • This Epic brought two dungeons: the Master Dungeon and the Burning Caves, an instance that is played alone, adapted to the player’s level.
  • It also introduced an interface change that complemented the spirit of the 7.2 interface. A more sober, “blue” and transparent interface.
  • One of the new features is a creature: the Cube, a legendary creature capable of healing.
  • Each Epic has its own balance. This time, it greatly affected the Assassins and Executives: they could no longer wear hunter armor, as well as the Summoner classes with the double invocation.
  • A major change on the game is the removal of force and spirit fragments for the moon fragment system.
  • The addition of Gaia’s grace is a very interesting new feature.

Let’s look at the new features of this Epic:

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