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Released in France on May 22, 2012

Rappelz : Epic 7.4 was released on May 22, 2012. It brought a slight change of interface, master equipment and Cubric.

This Epic is often described as the one that complemented Epic 7.3, without bringing any major innovations, except those mentioned above.


Let’s list a few new features :

  • The arrival of the Lydian, creature planned since Epic 2 (there was no Lydian at Epic 1). However, Lydian maps already existed; Lydian mounts were already available.
  • This Epic also brought the ethereal master stuff, as well as their new ethereal effects, and very powerful cubage bonuses (the captain +20 much more powerful compared to the colonel +20).
  • It is also important not to forget a certain change of interface, at the group level, and the fact that you can select someone from your group with a keyboard shortcut. In addition, you can now see the two pets in the group window (useful in case of a Double Invocation).
  • With this Epic, there was also the arrival of the mythical food costumes, with which one could fight monsters with … a giant hamburger !
  • There were also the “buffs servers”, and so the benefit!

Before leaving, it’s time for the video :

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