Rappelz x BORA: Here we are!


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It’s on!
As announced in August (see our article on this announce : https://historyofrappelz.com/en/goodbye-webzen-say-hi-to-bora), the migration of Rappelz from Webzen to BORA is active since yesterday evening.

Let’s take a look at what’s new!

Rappelz is getting a new official website: https://en-rappelz.boraecosystem.com, a new Discord FR and EN server (in place since a few days) and a new Game Masters team. The moderators have nevertheless remained in place for the most part.

FR Rappelz Discord can be reached via https://discord.com/invite/cFYyPe2.
EN Rappelz Discord can be reached via https://discord.com/invite/cq3pzDf.

The forums are shared via the same site and are classified into sub-forums for easier access to the desired languages. This is an excellent thing because it allows much simpler exchanges between the community than on the old forum!

This can be accessed here: https://forum-rappelz.boraecosystem.com/forum/

Great news means great events

Not surprisingly, a series of launch events were held.
There are 5 of them and they are quite varied!

  • +50% EXP event
  • Highest new character
  • Most EXP Gained
  • Drop event
  • Golden Weeks event

As you can see, two of these events are individual and allow for a small competition between players with a $50 reward for the winner of each event!
The others are more “common”.

A detailed description of these events is available here: https://forum-rappelz.boraecosystem.com/forum/english/announcements-aa/55-transfer-launch-events

Some launch difficulties

It should nevertheless be stressed that this migration is accompanied, at the time of writing, by some difficulties in connection, IG functioning, etc…
A help base is in place on the Game Discord, in the #help section. Don’t hesitate to visit it if you need help!

We are always on the lookout for something new! In the meantime, enjoy the game and welcome to BORA!


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