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Released in France on November 7, 2012

Rappelz Epic VIII Part I was presented in Korea on August 1, 2012.

This version was released on November 7, 2012, with two exclusive features: the opening of the “Ondine” server and the announcement of a merger of several servers.

This Epic has brought several new features, including a new area for team PvP. Let’s look at these new features:

  • The appearance of the Colosseum, PvP zone in team, with different game modes.
  • The arrival of new shops, with different consumables and decorative accessories
  • The arrival of the 5 “pet of the Coliseum”, who are of unique rarity and available from the special merchant, but who ask to be tamed.
  • The balancing of classes has struck again, for good and for bad.
  • The boss cards have been revised down.
  • The arrival of some daily and repeatable quests, related to the 5 field bosses, which are located on the map (the 5 “pet of the Coliseum”).


New interface

This Epic has also brought some interface changes, including the options menu, which is no longer the red ball, but also the arrival of the pet equipment repair system directly in the training window.

Tradition has it that we watch a few videos together, here they are:

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