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Released in France on June 10, 2008

Rappelz Epic V: Dragonic age is divided into two parts and the first one was released on June 10, 2008. The two Epics “5.1” and “5.2” have the same name, which leads many people to make mistakes.


This Epic has brought some interesting new features:

  • the emergence of the lost island.
  • A lot of changes in pets: the implementation of the cerberus, the re-implementation of the white dragon, we can now get pet cards on any monster, the redesign of the spells of most pets.
  • The addition of ingots.
  • A new dungeon, the Dragon’s Den (knowing that the maximum level was 150, without the master class), and the equipment that goes with it.
  • Changing the seat system, and the possibility of attacking at 32.

We also have some more “meta” novelties such as the appearance of guards in the cities, the name of aggressive monsters have gone red, the obligation to have empty potion vials to create a pet potion and also the increase of rupys as a reward for quests.

Here is the trailer for Epic 5 part 1

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