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Released to the public on October 25, 2006


We are now at the turning point in the history of Rappelz, let us introduce you: Rappelz Epic II: An Epic of the Absolute Creature!

Rappelz Epic II is a reboot in the history of Rappelz. A redesign of the map, the arrival of the Gaïa as a playable race as well as the arrival of Rondo, the capital of the world of Rappelz!
This Epic has also brought a complete change of the game interface, this interface will now be the one used until Epic 6.1: Navis Lamia.

There is also a change of main name ( remaining in use until 2006).
Nevertheless, some creatures present in Rappler Creer have disappeared in this Epic, including White Dragons, Astaroths, Wind and Forest Fairies and Ents (with a dedicated card, and not with the current system).

It should also be noted that the sounds of Epic 2 are different from those we currently know. We can hear these sounds in these videos:

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