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Released in France on October 13, 2009

On October 13, 2009, Rappelz : Golden Monarch strikes the lands of Gaïa.


Rappelz : Golden Monarch one of the extensions that many forge the current Rappelz, and especially in the mechanics of “gameplay”.

  • The arrival of two new areas: the El Kasia keep and the bazaar.
  • This Epic also brought new creatures, such as the Tafari, the Genie, and the Craken.
  • A readjustment of the loot was carried out and the discovery of the steels.
  • A small redesign of the interface.
  • The appearance of the benefit of the hidden village.
  • The bank security code has been removed.
  • The loading and connection screens have been changed.

Here is the kinematics of the game as well as some Gameplay.

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