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Some players have been playing for years and/or are known by the community. But who are they really? Who is behind this nickname and fellow player?
Player Tales are a series of articles featuring old and/or known players in the form of an interview.

In this article, we will introduce you to Hawk4hire, who is an EN Moderator of Rappelz who has agreed to answer our questions!

Who are you ?

How long have you been playing Rappelz?
Since Epic 3
How did you discover Rappelz?
I played Call of Duty with friends and 10 of us came to try Rappelz.
Does your nickname mean anything?
Yes – Hawk is a fictional character from a series of books written by Robert Parker.
What was your best memory on Rappelz?
My first taming – a Panthera (which I still have)
And the worst?
Try to tame an Orc when it comes out (39/39 failures).
Have you ever been a guild master?
What is (or was) the name of your guild?
Hall of Heors and Asst GM for Onesky (currently)
Have your IG friends become IRL friends to some?
Do you have any gameplay habits? (Planning, etc…)
I’m going to farm some nondura scrolls so I can sell them to buy me the new buff scrolls.
Did you realize a IG dream you had at the beginning?
(Example: Taming a specific pet etc…)
Yes – taming a kenta
Did you prefer something in the old Rappelz?
Yes – I preferred it when the stuff was not +25 and the blue pixies dropped blue pixies cards, etc.

The technique

Which class did you start with?
On which server did you start?
What is your current server?
If you are on a PK server, are you focused on the PK?
Not at all
What is your current level?
Do you have a favorite pet?
Yes – The spider (familiar heal)
A favorite suit?
It’s a mixture – no preference.
Do you have a message to send to someone, to the community etc…?
Don’t give up – keep trying, keep playing, join others and become friends.

Thanks to Hawk4hire for his availability and interview!
We meet again very soon for a new Player’s Tale

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