Paris Games Week and Game Connection Europe 2018: Introduction


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In October 2018, we were fortunate to have been invited to participate in the 9th edition of the Paris Games Week and Game Connection Europe 2018 as a press.
For seven days, we had the opportunity to walk the corridors of the exhibition centre at the Porte de Versailles, in Paris, to produce a series of articles on these two events.
During the Game connection, we had the opportunity to discuss with video game and technology professionals.

We will produce a series of articles on the different games we were able to test and the different interviews we were able to conduct. These articles will compare the world of Rappelz and the interviews we have with them.

Game Connection Europe

Game Connection Europe is an event for communication, video game and technology professionals only. It is mainly used by professionals to promote their games, but also to sign collaborations. We were able to test independent games as well as concepts that we could not see anywhere else.

Paris Games Week

Paris Games Week is one of the largest video game events in the world. This exhibition brought together around 316,000 visitors for 188 exhibitors on 80,000 m². We were able to test a lot of games during these five days, like Ori and the Will of Wisps, Metro Exodus, or Call of Cthulhu, and many others. We will discuss this in detail in other articles.

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