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In October 2018, we were fortunate to have been invited to participate in the 9th edition of Paris Games Week and Game Connection Europe 2018 as a press.
For seven days, we had the opportunity to walk the corridors of the exhibition centre at the Porte de Versailles, in Paris, to produce a series of articles on these two events.
During the Game connection, we had the opportunity to talk with video game and technology professionals.


Aurora Game Studio is an independent development studio created in 2016. He seeks to develop the artistic and narrative side in their games.

Nefasto’s (Mis) Adventure is one of the group’s most successful video games still in the planning stages. This game has an artistic direction that is out of the ordinary.

Design :

The contrast and the difference in style (the pencil, pixel and smooth side), present at the same time on the screen, underlines a rich artistic direction that plays in the narrative. However, this side can be embarrassing; you can’t please everyone.

Narrative :

On the Narrative side, this game is a time-limited (two hours), multiple-action puzzle-game, which tells the story of a character lost in the disintegrating “matrix”.
The hero will have to, with the help of his encounters, stabilize the matrix before the time allowed.

Comparison with Rappelz:

As for Rappelz, it is a game much less based on narrative (Korean MMORPG obliges). Even if it has a strong history, it does not dictate the course of the game.
In addition, compared to Nefisto’s (Mis) Adventure with its pastel colours and varied graphics, Rappelz, on this point, is starting to age.

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