New pets, secret remains, big update


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New pets!

Well, about time! The 7 new Project 7 pets were implemented in game today during the weekly maintenance.
The new pets are as follows: Forest Pixie, Wind Pixie, Ethereal Pixie, Crystal Spider, Crystal Golem, Bloodthirsty Slaughterer, and Grandmaster Hector.

Forest and Wind Pixies can be found in Fairy’s Woods in Lasky. Ethereal Pixies can be found where the Blue Pixies are on Laksy Field.

New secret remains!

But Webzen did not just implement these pets during this maintenance.
The secret remains of the Ancient Ruins has been added to the maintenance, which will bridge the gap between level 170 and 175, which is welcome for players who want to discover the madness of Devildom!

Max levels and miscellaneous changes

Speaking of levels, the maximum level of the characters has gone up to 220. As for the pets, their maximum level has been raised to 210!

Finally, let’s take the opportunity to specify that some skills have been modified and that a reduction of points obtained for the death of a player is effective when this player has already suffered several death during death match.

Changing skill effects

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