Goodbye Webzen, say hi to BORA!


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Big news in the world of Rappelz, and Flyff: Gala Lab (Rappelz developer) and Webzen Dublin (current publisher of Rappelz) end their partnership this 21 August!
The partnership between Gala Lab and BORA, the future new publisher of Rappelz, was announced on July 30th through the platform.

BORA? What’s that?

BORA, or BORA Ecosystem by its full name, is a decentralized platform based on blockchain technology that aims to distribute content on the Internet and promote user activity. The BORA blockchain provides a structure based on two tokens that can be mutually converted. The internal token (‘BORA Point’) circulates within the BORA ecosystem and BORA (‘BORA Token’), an ERC-20 token. The economic system and incentive mechanisms within the BORA Ecosystem are designed to contribute to the growth of the ecosystem, receive rewards and encourage voluntary and continued user activity.

For more understanding, we invite you to consult these two articles:

Some games are currently published by BORA on the dedicated platform: BORA ISLAND. Chances are that Rappelz and FLYFF will join this platform.

What is the impact on Rappelz and Webzen right now?

For the moment, the Webzen team has not announced any “direct” impact on Rappelz, other than an account transfer to be made. This transfer will be effective on September 22nd.
Attention, if you are connected with an Apple or KAKAO account, this transfer will not take place!

Gala Lab will continue to ensure the development of the game (bug fixes, content creation) and BORA will take care of everything that Webzen has been handling until now (support, moderation, shop, events).

You do not need the email address linked to the account to make this transfer. However, the HOR team advises you to keep it under your elbow, just in case!

The moderation team currently in place is not aware of any restructuring.

Finally, the currently open tickets should technically be processed before September 22nd!

What to think about it?

Personally, we believe that this transfer can be beneficial for Rappelz. Indeed, BORA announces that its internal technology allows a better engagement of the users/players. This could give an extra boost to Rappelz. Nevertheless, we had reservations about the use of the Blockchain which is still very unclear within video games.

We have no experience with BORA and its platform. So let’s hope that it will be able to adapt to Rappelz, FLYFF but most of all, to its community!

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