Balancing classes: introduction


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With each release of Epic, Rappelz knows, as usual, a rebalancing proposed by Gala. However, after Devildom part one, Webzen decided to take charge of class balancing, and set up the “Q.A. team”. 


The purpose of balancing

The primary purpose of balancing, in a video game in general, is to put all characters on an equal footing. This rule is especially true in PvP games. However, it is not targeted for PvP.

After announcing the first balancing (available on Facebook) and applying it, Webzen published a FAQ that announces the purpose of this balancing and the changes that will be made on each class.
It therefore aims to make the primary utility of each class, and to put the mainly single-target classes further forward by reducing the effectiveness of area spells on a large majority of classes.

Balancing overviews

We will therefore, in this article, present you the modifications made on the classes, following the release dates of each one.

However, as balancing is a continuous process, further changes will be made in the future.

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