Barstool Psychology [Episode 1 : Annoying people]


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Ladies and good nights, I give you the gentleman.

The purpose of the articles “Barstool Psychology” (or the following article if I miss or not)
Will define a term very often used in the world of MMORPG.

Nothing beats practice so let’s start!


The annoying people, too often confused with “NOOB”, defines above all a state of mind:
Someone very naïve, too optimistic who is incrusted (Not to be confused with the crab which is a crustacean),
If you feel like chatting online with a 6 year old child who has just discovered his Christmas gifts, your interlocutor is annoying right ?


Let us study the characteristics of the annoying people:

  • The main characteristic of the annoying people is the use of SYSTEMATIC and to the UTTERANCE of the following expressions:
    AY SOW KRAIZY, ROFL, ^^, lol, u, wut, etc…
  • The annoying people is very optimistic, he lives in a semi-imaginary world populated by unicorns and flowers, which makes it difficult to irritate :
    For example, “leufie” has just died 4 times in a row in DP, he will say : “lol Im still d8d ^^”
    Traduction : “That’s fun! My character is still deceased! I laugh out loud about my situation!”
  • He writes phonetically, unfortunately it concerns many categories so not only anoying people:
    “Hi, I seL a lagator lvl 47 s1 w 1 pp vs 1 Tyran tam8d MP^^”
    Traduction : “Good evening, would anyone be willing to be scammed? In fact, I do not know the value of things.”
  • Just like the noob, he does not know much about the game and will compete stupid to ask you questions as unexpected stupid :
    “I drop a crossbown capi blok, iz gud 4 my sentinel?”
    Traduction : “I purchased a particularly useless item, do you think I can still use it?”
  • This one also has no notion of danger or strategy and goes without thinking, in play it will have a suicidal behavior
    [Insert here the example of a type that will confront Butkadah in stuff major +4]
  • Last notable feature, the annoying seeks at all costs to make friends! Unfortunately for him the defects quoted above will tend to scare the player sane.
    It is therefore not uncommon to find “colonies” of annoying in game because what is more able to endure an annoying than another annoying?

So, I hope I have clarified some points, I tell you good game and maybe next time

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