Barstool Psychology VI: The Casual, The Geek and The Nolife (last article!)


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Friends of the day and evening, good-day/night!

Please take out the tissues, not because this article contains particularly hot scenes,
But because today the hour is sad:
This is the latest article in the series of “Barstool Psychology”!

I have given some thought to what definition I could give you for this last article,
already because when you’re in the bathroom you get bored, then because I wanted to finish on something grandiose.
I came to two conclusions:
The first was to buy toilet paper.
The second, that I could not leave you all frail and candid without knowing important definitions that are
casual“, “geek“, “nolife“.


ho - Copie (2)


It is the casual player, who devotes himself to video games less than 2 hours a day.
It is often thought, rightly, that he is much more occupied with IRL things.
If you know, you can hear skype / mumble / TS in the background sentences like:
-“DAD! Hurt my foot! ouiiiiiiiiiiin!”
-“Darling! It is your turn to do the dishes! Move your ass!
Aaaaah… The joys of life IRL…


ho - Copie

Difficult to define this one, of course he spends a lot of time online
And the 3/4 of the things that interests him are summarized in one point: TECHNOLOGY.
Very often he scales phrases that uninitiated people and / or are in wank can not understand:

Hey guys! They will release the Iphone 7, it will have an A10 chip of 3GB of RAM, a Lightning plug and would be Lifi compatible,
There will even be a 5.5 inch version with a dual photo sensor!

(When you hear that you want to shout to him to close his mouth and to make him eat his Iphone by the bad hole?
Worry is normal, I’m the same.)
More broadly, “geek” Is an insult to anyone who is disconnected from reality.




The type that has no IRL life, its empty and cold eyes can not detach from a screen.
You surely know these famous zombies who scream”BRAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIINS“?
(In fictitious works of course, if you know in real you have better things to do than read that)
Well, the nolife It is the same, with the difference that it will scream “PIXEEEEEEEEEEEELS“.
We continue? Band of little greedy!
-He has no work (or a moldy half-time).
-His girlfriend is a cover top representing a heroine of manga.
-It exceeds 110kg.
-By farming like a pig he climbed to the top of the rankings.
-He invented a real life, even going as far as posing as the opposite sex.

And there it is, it is on these words that ends the series of “Barstool psychology”.
A big thank you to the readers, thanks to Wantmytip for his confidence (or unconsciousness) for the publication,
Thank you also to the members of the guild “Bash” for the returns and finally, thank you to the community of Rappelz, my main source of inspiration.
Well it’s not all that but I have shopping to do, see you next time!

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