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It happens that sometimes the developers have some nice surprises in store for us! It’s true that it’s quite rare… but right now, we were expecting everything but that!

One of our readers sent us a message about an application that will be released soon. I was able to chat with him and ask him questions. I told the rest of the team about it and they said, “He chatted with you, you’re the one who gets to do it for the article.”

This application is used to tame creatures that will appear in Rappelz by connecting to your account!

Selecting an area to tame



Once connected, just go to an area where you are looking for a creature to tame (it is normally faithful to the game), randomly, a creature appears and you can try to tame it, the more rare it is and the less lucky it appears.

A unicorn appears




Just stay on the creature and follow it to catch it.


The unicorn is running away! Follow her with your finger!



A countdown begins and depending on how you are skilled, the countdown will be more or less fast. I don’t have any information on the taming rate, but if you can’t follow the creature with your finger, the taming card won’t break.






As you can see, the menu displays: inventory, equipment, creature caught (tamed?) and shop

Creature cards in the inventory.


As you are logged in with your account, the application retrieves data from the creature maps you own and the equipment to calculate the taming rate. I asked the question: “why the shop?” and of course it’s to be able to buy Ullr to make a creature or scroll of taming appear that cancels the countdown. No need to hide in a corner to tame a Ullr creature 😛




But that’s not all!

Our contact also provided us with a preview of Gala’s future phone, scheduled for the release of this application as well as the upcoming release of Rappelz The Rift: The Gala One!

This phone would apparently have the following hardware configuration and would run on an Android ROM modified by Gala

  • Cpu : ARM1176JZF-S 412 MHz
  • GPU : PowerVR MBX Lite 60 MHz
  • RAM : 128 Mo
  • Storage : 4, 8 or 16 Go


We have not been able to obtain more information for the mobile application (which does not yet have an official name, the project name has not been given to us) or for the Gala One.

We look forward to news very soon!

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