We are in September 2010, the Temporal Capsule has actually dropped us in the right place

28 September 2010, Rappelz Epic VII is released, let’s see  it more closely 🙂


  • This Epic brought some new features that make the current Rappelz what it is: For example, it brought the secret dungeons, the pet-staging, and the Death Tyrant.
  • The lost island has been redesigned, it is four times larger!
  • The addition, also, of artifacts and spirits of Pets
  • The nFlavor logo is no longer, it is now the logo of Gala Lab due to the merge between nFlavor and Aeonsoft in June, 2010
  • Two skills bars have been added
  • NPCs have changed appearance
  • Portable forges have been changed

That’s about everything for this Epic, we’ll meet again in 2011, to go get a Kainen ! But before, let’s see some videos 😉

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