Here we are in March 2010! Rappelz: Resurrection has just arrived, let’s see what happens!

Rappelz Epic VI Part III: Resurrection is an Epic that focuses on the game’s scenario, but it does bring some functionality to the game, which are not related to the game’s scenario.


  • In this epic, the red farm quests, and the witch’s quests have been added
  • Major innovation that forever changed the game: The ethereal equipment came In Game
  • The Deathmatch has emerged
  • Small changein the Ursas: there is now only one “big hand” in the waiting room, against 4 before this Epic
  • When you have a complete set of Temple of Lost Souls , Temple of the Exile or Temple of the Ancients dungeon, you have a buff ans a set-bonus
  • Three new Pets: Black and White Unicorns, and Ifrit
  • The faces of the characters have been remodeled
  • The monsters of the veiled island are now harder to defeat than before
  • Ashmaw, Betrayal and Sand Lord Kynish are now easier to defeat
  • Monsters of level 40 or higher will have skills (stunt, fear, dots etc) that they can use, however, the probability that they succeed is relatively low.

Before leaving to leave in September 2010, we will watch two videos of this Epic 😉

Thank you all, and the next one for a journey through time, can not be more thrilling!


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