FRENCH RELEASE DATE, we will correct it as soon as possible !

Let’s go in 2009, May 5th 2009 to be more precise, the day of the release of Rappelz: Navis Lamia! Let’s see the new features of this new Epic 🙂

Rappelz: Navis Lamia was released May 5, 2009, the Epic has brought a lot new features including a new interface, new creatures, a series of quest and a new dungeon. But also the redesign of the trainees island!

Before concentrating on the major innovations, we will first focus on the somewhat less important new features of this Epic:

  • The elite 150+ area of CV has been implemented in-game
  • Dueling can be done outside of an arena
  • Drops rate of the stuffs R6-R7 was increased
  • Ursa points can be obtained by completing quests.

Let’s focus on to the major new features of this Epic

  • Remember: Navis Lamia saw three new creatures arrive:
    The wolf,The Harpy and the Eimus.
  • This Epic also experienced a rather large interface change
  • A new dungeon  has arrived: the Navis Lamia, with quests based on the scenario of Rappelz
  • A ranking of Altar was released, and the top 10 ranking had

Before leaving, we look at some images, and a video, as always 🙂

(focus n°1)

Thank you for reading, next destination, October 2009!

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