FRENCH RELEASE DATE ! We will correct it as soon as possible 😉

Everything went well? Here we go straight in October 2008! Rappelz 5.2 has just been released on our servers  😉

First “Epic Part 2”, the Epic has the same name as the previous Epic Rappelz Dragonic Ages. This is an interesting anecdote to know;)

Rappelz: Dragonic Age (Part 2), added some new features really not bad:

  • The level-cap increased from 150 to 170
  • The appearance of two new dungeons, Temple of Lost Souls and Temple of the Exile
  • We also have a brand new mount: The sacred Kirin (only available in the hidden village)
  • PvP damage was reviewed
  • Ursa Carverns was implemented
  • A new pet was implemented, it was the Carbuncle

Here are the new weapons rank VI of the time, next destination: Navis Lamia, in May 2009! 

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