Here we go straight into the heart of the matter, a very big turning point in the history of Rappelz, we present: Rappelz Epic II: An Epic of the Absolute Creature 😉

Rappelz Epic II is a true reboot in history Rappelz: Epic This enabled a complete overhaul of the entire map of Rappelz, the release of the Gaia race (although in the scenario Rappler Creer, they existed) but also The release of Rondo, real capital in the world of Rappelz!
The Epic also brought a complete change of the game interface (we went from the interface of Creer to the interface that we have known up to the Epic 6.1: Navis Lamia).

Do not forget a name change (Although the site Rappelz remained “rapplercreer.com” until the end of 2006 it seems)
The Epic also unfortunately removed some features and some creatures of Rappler Creer, ie the white dragons (yes, white dragons ^^ “), the astaroths, Wind fairy, and forest fairy, And the ents (not the ent that we can tame with the new system, the true ents, an “Ent Card”) left the game.

Although we do not know the sounds of Rappler Creer, we can ensure that the sounds (not the music) of the Epic 2 are different from what we know at the moment, as evidenced by these two videos:

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