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This post is the written-interview of Klaig, the French Communty-Manager of Rappelz. It’s a translation of the interview that was in French on our Web-Radio. We thank him for this interview 🙂



-Hello Klaig, first off can you introduce yourself?

Hi guys,

Unfortunately, I can’t give information that are too personal, so vaguely I am 24 years old I am French (laugh) I have been recently recruited by Webzen as a Game Publishing Specialist. It’s a job which regroup several positions such as Community Manager, Webmaster, Game Master and Play tester, it’s very diverse.

-So, starting your career at Webzen is pretty good because Webzen is a big company.

I agree it’s a great company, the atmosphere here at Dublin is very nice. The office is very international there is people from all over the world and we’re all gamers so we share the same culture. We are not only colleagues we’re also friends.

-Great, this is exactly what Huronhen told us back in the Gpotatoes days. After that you are probably going back to work saying:” Saturday night I was with those dummies” (laugh). So now we can talk about what kind of game you like to play if you are more a PC player or console?

I am a PC player… come on PC Master Race ! (laugh)

-Careful there is a lot of Console player on the server (laugh)

Whatever, I like console too, but I am also a big Boardgame and card game player. I like to play in real life. On PC, I like MMORPG obviously but also RTS, I played a lot of Starcraft 2. At the moment, I play Rappelz, Flyff and also played the 2 Close beta of MU Legend, so obviously, I play a lot of Webzen games.

-You like card games so a viewer asks me if you want to play “belote” some days? (traditional French card game)

(laugh)Why not, but actually I am more of a Magic the Gathering player, I play it since a long time and at pretty high competitive level and I travel to play tournaments.

-Ok so you are a very serious gamer?

Yeah, I am definitely a competitive player, it also depends on the game, but if the games allow it I will.

(insert debate on how to pronounce Rappelz here)

-So, you were talking about the atmosphere? Do you have any funny anecdotes?

Yeah, the other day on Flyff we had topics where people regularly post love letters for a girl moderator that we have and most of them are hilarious. Also, when we prepare Facebook post, things can get out of hand like the other day we were drawing pet pictures, so when the producer walked by he was pretty dazed about what we were doing (laugh).

-Ok so I invite players to send love letters to us (laugh). So now we would like to know If you play Rappelz seriously and if so what class do you play and on which server?

I have an anonymous account but I don’t play on the French server and I play a Master Breeder.

-Klaig what is your favourite pet?

My favourite pet is not in the game yet ^^.

-Ooooooooooooooooh the hype is there! Brutal teaser, and by the way do you have any info about the next expansion?

The problem is that even things that we have on the test server it is not guarantee to be in the next expansion, it’s not finalized yet. GALA is holding the info for now so we don’t know anything yet. The only thing I can say is that there will be more than what you see on the KTS.

-In HOR we are on the KTS and we saw number of things like a new Guild system, I also got a couple of artwork for what I feel could be a new dungeon. A lot of players on game say that “the game was better before”, how do you handle that at Webzen?

This feeling can be explained by several things, at Webzen we translate them through 3 main phenomenon:

First the Nostalgic effect, if you play a game since such a long time you will always be Nostalgic towards the old days when you’ve started. Of course, we can’t explain everything like that and there is a lot of problems who comes from the fact that a lot of content in Rappelz has become outdated. With the expansions but also with the accumulated time spent on the game, players became so powerful that a lot of dungeon/gears/skill became obsolete, this is what we call the “power creep”. Before you had to team up with friends to take on dungeons while now players are so insanely strong that they can just go through the dungeon on their own. It is something we can definitely do something about and we regularly communicate with GALA to share our thoughts on what could be improve in order to match the power level of the current player base. But we are not the developers and GALA will always have the last word on the new content they will create for the game.

The final reason is that we didn’t play Rappelz the same way back then comparing to how we play the game now. If I compare to some RTS, you all played Age of empire for example, the game was intended to be a development game when you harvest resource, built cities, develop technologies and it’s a lot of fun. But if you push the concept to a certain level something that was originally very fun can become very boring and tedious, at a competitive level, RTS players nowadays use build order with very precise timing to build/harvest/expand and it becomes a very scripted routine. It’s the same thing on Rappelz, when originally you could just walk around and go farming now you use tons of buff slaves to make sure you’re are going for the most optimize farm. When you design a game, it is sometime very hard to predict on how people are going to abuse the system, and when they do, it can break the fun of the game. I am not sayin’ it is the players fault, I am just saying that it’s the case in every game once it is pushed to a certain level, you literally don’t play the same game anymore.

-In HOR we observed that you have made a lot Facebook event lately and we believe it’s great. Have you been empathising particularly on Facebook events lately and are we going to have more in the future?

Yes totally, we are really trying to create a positive dynamic on Facebook. It could be event oriented on the community as well as in game event. To make things clear there is 3 kind of events:

-Facebook event

-Developer event (in game event with developed content)

-GM event (in game event organized by the GM)

-There is a lot of players who says that “we don’t see a lot of GM in game”.

The problem is that the hour when people are in game doesn’t always match the time when we are working. I think player are mostly connected late in the night. I personally try to connect at least once a week, but we currently don’t have any plan to intensify this. If you really want to talk to a CM I advise you to do it through the forum.

-I don’t know if you go often on HOR, is there a functionality that you would like to see on the website?

I go on HOR, even the English CM Nazgul visit the website.

-Nice, but it also means we can’t write bullshit anymore (laugh)

I personally think it is the best community website for Rappelz. I think that if you could translate your Website in English it would be great.

-So, it’s in our plan to translate certain articles in English, Russian and Arab.

Arab whaow!

-Yes, we have an Arab translator Nassim. Ok so I have additional questions: will the limit of rupees pushed from 100 billion to 1000 billion?

Once again, we don’t have much info from GALA, but we are here to transfer your demands to the developers so do not hesitate to put your suggestions on the forum. And depending on how hard it is to implement for the devs they might be able to change it. That’s one of the objective of the forum, for example on the Flyff forum players spontaneously started to debate on the merge of the French servers and collecting the different opinions is always a valuable input for us.

-So, bonus questions from the player once again, when will the forum be fixed?

We are aware of the situation and I can insure you that the CM are the first annoyed since the forum is one of our working tool. We are currently pushing the issue to Vbulletin. Usually any issue that happens inside the company is solved fairly fast but once you have to interact with another company it’s a different story.

-This bring us to the next question: the player wonder why when there are bugs in the game it takes ages to be fixed, while when it’s from the cash shop it is solved instantly?

Well I can answer this question myself when it deals with the cash shop it’s Webzen while when it’s the game itself it is GALA responsibility.

Yes pretty much, when the issue is from the cash shop the information goes directly to us but when it’s from the game we have to transfer the info to GALA, also bugs from the game are often much more complex and hard to solve. Every time you have to touch the code of the game it’s very long because the code is very old and very complex after more than 12 years of development. And obviously, it’s not a matter of money since indirectly bugs in game will also impact the sales in a negative way, so it’s doesn’t matter to us both issues should be solved as fast as possible

-The interview is coming at an end. Thanks a lot for your insights and I hope you enjoyed your time with us here.

I did, thanks a lot for inviting me, thanks HOR and all the players for supporting the game. Just like you guys I real hope that the next expansion will be great.



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