HistoryOfRappelz is coming in english ! All of the details about the upcoming changes !


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HOR in english and PocketRappelz : All infos about the upcoming changes !


Since 2014, we’re giving infos and anecdotes about Rappelz. We know that many of you want to read us in English (and want to understand us :D) and that’s why we planned to launch HistoryOfRappelz.com in English.

Since 2015, we make some videos on the KTS, and we provide as many as possible EN subtitles in our videos.

Today, in 2017, we’re proud to announce you that HistoryOfRappelz is being translated entirely in English ! And we take the opportunity to announce our brand new website called PocketRappelz.com .

Q : What is PocketRappelz ?

PocketRappelz is a website based on HOR, there is the same concept as HOR, but for Rappelz Warfare : Age of War (known as Rappelz Mobile, it’s de mobile’s game of Rappelz)

We will give you some infos about the game, his lore, and everything about the future of It ???? We’re currently working on it, we don’t have any release date to give you.

Q : What is the future of HistoryOfRappelz in French ?

Nothing will change. HistoryOfRappelz in French will remain in French ! Every posts will be posted both in English and French at the same time !

Q: What about the videos ?

Our English accent is too bad, that’s why our video will remain in French. But the subtitles will be available as soon as possible when a video will be published !

Q: What about #LiveHOR, will you bring it on other languages ?

No, we don’t have any plans about an English #LiveHOR. We’re playing on French servers, and we live in France. Due to the timezone issues, we won’t be able to bring it on US/PIT servers, sorry ☹

Q: How can I access to EN HOR, or to FR HOR ?

That will be very simple ! There will be a button at the top of the site, and you’ll have to press on it to switch on English or in French.


Q: How can I report a translation mistake ?

Feel free to contact us on our Facebook Page or with our contact form ! We have some plans to add a button to make it simpler, we’re currently working on it.

Q: Will PocketRappelz be available in French ?

No ! PocketRappelz will be available only in English for the moment. We have some plans to bring it in French but for the moment we’re not sure.

Q: I’m a French reader, nothing will change ?

Nothing ! You can read HOR as before !


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